Loan Guidelines

  • Attach a current paystub for each borrower with completed application
  • Loan applications take 1-3 days to process once received by the credit union
  • Please call (763) 267-6300 for the status of your application
  • Once approved, a loan appointment must be scheduled with a loan officer
  • $30 loan processing fee at the time of closing

​​​​​​To Apply

  • Print Loan Application
  • Submit the completed application, along with a current paystub for each borrower
  • Debt Consolidation: please attach a list of what you owe including the name of each creditor, balance, monthly payment, and interest rate as well as your most recent statements

Loan Requirements

  • Credit Union membership required
  • One year seniority with current employer for secured loans with collateral
    • Full coverage insurance is required on the collateral pledged on your secured loan, listing Teamsters Credit Union as Loss Payee
  • Two years seniority with current employer for personal loans

Contact Us

Phone: (763) 267-6300
Fax: (763) 267-6306

Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday 8 AM - 4 PM
Friday 8 AM - 2 PM

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